Ashley LeTourneau Photography -  Austin, Chicago & Detroit Wedding Photographer

Every wedding is different, your photos should be a reflection of that.

My mission has always been to document weddings with intention, honesty and creativity, free of contrived and predictable images.

My ultimate goal is to photograph you and your loved ones just as you are. No cookie-cutter images. No awkward poses. No prioritizing posed photos over spending time with your loved ones. My hope is that your images will tug at your heartstrings and make you feel something. That they will capture the essence of your day.

I photograph very intentionally and with a curious and inquisitive eye, capturing all the little nuances and in-between moments. I hope that your images will be cherished for years, because these moments are so important. That feeling we get when we look at an old photograph of a loved one or even a piece of art that moves us - we all need that feeling, the feeling of connection, truth and love. Perhaps a reminder of who we were at that time, since we are all constantly in a state of flux. 


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